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Publicacions en premsa 2015

Albalate, D. & Bel-Piñana, P. “Winners and Losers in Toll Motorway Renegotiations: an empirical evaluation of the Spanish Pioneers”, Public Money & Management, forthcoming.

Albalate, D. & Fageda, X. “High-tech employment and transportation: Evidence from the European regions”, Regional Studies, forthcoming.

Albalate, D., Bel, G. & Fageda, X. “When supply travels far beyond demand: Causes of oversupply in Spain’s transport infrastructure”, Transport Policy, forthcoming.

Albalate, D., Bel, G., Bel-Piñana, P. & Geddes, R. “Risk mitigation and sharing in motorwa, y PPPs: a comparative policy analysis of alternative approaches”, Journal of Comparative Policy Analysis, forthcoming.

Arroyo-Cañada, F.J. & Gil-Lafuente, J. "Incidence of incentives on the t-commerce acceptance: improving the television as distribution channel", Journal of Business and Industrial Marketing, forthcoming.

Ayuso, M. & Santolino, M. “Tipología de litigios con componente aseguradora en jurisdicción civil“, Revista Española de Seguros, forthcoming.

Bel, G. & Joseph, S. “Emissions abatement: Untangling the impacts of the EU ETS and the economic crisis”, Energy Economics, forthcoming.

Bel, G., Bolancé, C., Guilllén, M. & Rosell, J. “The environmental effects of changing speed limits: a quantile regression approach”, Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, forthcoming.

Bel, G., González-Gómez, F. & Picazo-Tadeo, A.”Does market concentration affect prices in the urban water industry?” Environment and Planning C: Governmet and Policy, forthcoming.

Belles-Sampera, J., Guillén, M. & Santolino, M. “The use of fexible quantile-based measures in risk assessment“, Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods, forthcoming.

Bermúdez, L., Ferri, A. & Guillén, M. “On the use of Risk Measures in Solvency Capital Estimation“, International Journal of Business Continuity and Risk Management, forthcoming.

Bernardo, V., Fageda, X. & Termes, M. “Do droughts have long-term effects on water consumption?”, Evidence from the urban area of Barcelona”, Applied Economics, forthcoming.

Boria, S., Gil-Lafuente, A.M., Merigó, J.M. & Vizuete, E. “Decision making in the assignment process by using the Hungarian algorithm with the OWA operator“, Technological and Economic Development of Economy, forthcoming.

Borrell, J.R., Jiménez, J.L. & García, C.”Evaluating Antitrust Leniency Programs”, Journal of Competition Law and Economics, forthcoming.

Castells-Quintana, D. & Larrú, J.M. “Does aid reduce inequality? Evidence for Latin America”, European Journal of Development Research, forthcoming

Castells-Quintana, D. & Royuela, V. “Are increasing urbanisation and inequalities symptoms of growth?”, Applied Spatial Analysis And Policy, forthcoming.

Castells-Quintana, D., Ramos, R. & Royuela, V. “Income inequality in European Regions: Recent trends and determinants”, Review of Regional Research / Jahrbuch für Regionalwissenschaft, forthcoming.

Claveria, O., Monte, E. & Torra, S. “A new forecasting approach for the hospitality industry“, International Journal of Contemporary Management, forthcoming.

Claveria, O., Monte, E. & Torra, S. “Data pre-processing for neural networks-based forecasting: Does it really matter?”, Technological and Economic Development of the Economy, forthcoming. 

Claveria, O., Monte, E. & Torra, S. “Tourism Demand Forecasting with Neural Network Models: Different ways of Treating Information“, International Journal of Tourism Research, forthcoming.

Claveria, O., Monte, E. & Torra, S. ”A New Forecasting Approach for the Hospitality Industry”, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, forthcoming.

Di Paolo, A. “(Endogenous) occupational choices and job satisfaction among recent Spanish PhD recipients”, International Journal of Manpower, forthcoming.

Di Paolo, A., Matas, A. & Raymond, J.L. “Job Accessibility and Job-Education Mismatch in the Metropolitan Area of Barcelona”, Papers in Regional Science, forthcoming.

Gil-Lafuente, A.M. & Klimova, A. “Approximation to the theory of affinities to manage the problems of the grouping process“, International Journal of Computational Intelligence Systems, forthcoming.

Gil-Lafuente, A.M. & Merigó, J.M. "An overview of fuzzy research with bibliometric indicators", Applied Soft Computing, forthcoming.

Gil-Lafuente, A.M. and Merigó, J.M. "Fuzzy generalized aggregation operators in complex environments", Fuzzy Sets and Systems, forthcoming.

Gil-Lafuente, A.M., Merigó, J.M., Vizuete, E. & Boria, S. "Decision making in the assignment process by using the Hungarian algorithm with the OWA operator", Technological and Economic Development of Economy, forthcoming.

Gómez-Puig, M., Afat, D. & Sosvilla-Rivero, S. “The failure on the monetary model of exchange rate determination“, Applied Economics, forthcoming.

Guelman, L., Guillén, M. & Pérez-Marín, A.M. “A decision support framework to implement optimal personalized marketing intervetions”, Decision Support Systems, forthcoming.

Guelman, L., Guillén, M. & Pérez-Marín, A.M. “Uplift Random Forests“, Cybernetics & Systems Special issue on “Intelligent Systems in Business and Economics“,forthcoming.

Herrera-Idárraga, P., López-Bazo, E. & Motellón, E. “Double Penalty in Returns to Education: Informality and Educational Mismatch in the Colombian Labour market” Journal of Development Studies, forthcoming.

Jiménez, J.L. & Perdiguero, J. ”Mergers and difference-in-difference estimator: Why firms do not encrease prices?” European Journal of Law and Economics, forthcoming.

Keropyan, A. & Gil-Lafuente, A.M. “A human resource selection model using Galois group theory“, Kybernetes, forthcoming.

Ramos, R., Matano, A. & Nieto, S. “EU Immigrant Integration Policies and Returns on Human Capital”, The International Spectator, forthcoming.

Solé-Auró, A. & Alcañiz, M. “Are we living longer but less healthy? Trends in mortality and morbidity in Catalonia (Spain), 1994-2011“, European Journal of Ageing, forthcoming.

Suau, P., Burghouwt, G. & Fageda, X. “Determinants for seat capacity distribution in the EU and the US air traffic markets, 1990-2009″. Tijdschrift voor economische en sociale geografie, forthcoming.