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2018 Seminaris

Enrique Morales-Benito (Banco de España)

Credit Supply Shocks, Network Effects, and the Real Economy                  

23/02/2018 AQR-IREA         


Sauro Mocetti (Bank of Italy)

How do house prices respond to credit supply?

09/03/2018 AQR-IREA         


David Castells-Quintana (Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona),

Population dynamics, urbanisation without growth and the rise of megacities

20/3/2018 AQR-IREA


Diana Gutierrez Posada (Aberystwyth University)

Economic crisis and youth unemployment in Europe: the role of regional specialization through a spatial quantile approach

11/04/2018 AQR-IREA


Caroline Paunov (OCDE)

Innovation Policies in the Digital Age


Martina Magli (University of Nottingham)

Effects of Services offshoring on local labour markets. An aggregate and distributional analysis across sectors

2/05/2018  AQR-IREA


Lorenzo Cappellari (Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore & IZA).

Workers, Firms and Life-Cycle Wage Dynamics

04/05/2018 AQR-IREA


Michiel Gerritse (University of Rotterdam)

Does federal contracting spur development? Federal contracts, income, output, and jobs in US cities (with A. Rodríguez-Pose).

18/05/2018 AQR-IREA


Aitor Lacuesta (Banco de España)

Price strategies of independent and branded dealers in retail gas market. The case of a contract reform in Spain

01/06/2018 AQR-IREA


Jorge Díaz-Lanchas (Joint Research Centre (European Commission))

Do developers play a role in diversifying cities in an integrated economy? Evidence from Spain

19/10/2018 AQR-IREA


Agata Maida (Università degli studi di Milano)

Female Leadership and Gender Gap within Firms: Evidence from an Italian Board Reform

09/11/2018 AQR-IREA


Gaetano Basso (Banca d’Italia)

The cost of youth emigration

30/11/2018 AQR-IREA


Massimiliano Coda Zabetta (University of Bordeaux)

International Postdoctoral Mobility and Career Effect in Italian Academia – 1986-2015

11/12/2018 AQR-IREA


Albert Gragera (Technical University of Denmark)

The impact of curbside parking regulations on car ownership

17/12/2018 GiM-IREA


Marta González-Aregall (University of Gothenburg)

Identifying and ranking green hinterland strategies applied by ports

25/04/2018 GiM-IREA


Carmen García Galindo (European University Institute)

Carletization: Is it worth it?

05/08/2018 GiM-IREA


Jorge M. Uribe (Universidad del Valle & Riskcenter)

Scaling Down Downside Risk with Inter Quantile Semivariances

17/12/2019 Riskcenter-IREA


Miguel Santolino (Universitat de Barcelona)

Modeling dynamics of risk allocations using compositional time series

26/11/2018 Riskcenter-IREA


Arthur Charpentier (University of Rennes 1)

Big data for economics

02/07/2018 Riskcenter-IREA


J. M. Uribe (Univ. del Valle, Colombia)

Applied quantile regression for economics and finance

25/06/2018  Riskcenter-IREA


Juan Rodríguez Poo (Universidad de Cantabria)

Nonparametric panel data models with cross-sectional dependence

24/05/2018 Riskcenter-IREA


José Garrido (Concordia University)

Bridging risk measures and classical ruin theory

24/06/2018 Riskcenter-IREA