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2018/01   “Tracking economic growth by evolving expectations via genetic programming: A two-step approach”
Claveria O., Monte E. i Torra S. 
2018, 28 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/02   “Ageing and health-related quality of life: evidence from Catalonia (Spain)”
Alcañiz M. i  Solé-Auró A. 
2018, 19 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/03   “Incorporating creditors' seniority into contingent claim models: Applicarion to peripheral euro area countries”
Gómez-Puig M., Singh M. i Sosvilla-Rivero S. 
2018, 54 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/04   “The robustness of the sovereign-bank interconnection: Evidence from contingent claims analysis”
Gómez-Puig M., Singh M. i Sosvilla-Rivero S.
2018, 53 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/05   “A regional perspective on the accuracy of machine learning forecasts of tourism demand based on data characteristics”
Claveria O., Monte E. i Torra S. 
2018, 24 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/06   “A geometric approach to proxy economic uncertainty by a metric of disagreement among qualitative expectations”
Claveria O., Monte E. i Torra S. 
2018, 25 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/07   “New Imported Inputs, Wages and Worker Mobility”
Italo C., Matano
 A. i Naticchioni P.
2018, 57 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/08   “What drives regional differences in BMI? Evidence from Spain”
Di Paolo A., Gil Trasfi,
 J. i Raftopoulou A.
2018, 38 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/09   “Together forever? Good and bad market volatility shocks and international consumptionrisk sharing: A tale of a sign”
Chulià H. i Uribe J
2018, 29 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/10   “Exposure to risk increases the excess of zero accident claims frequency in automobile insurance”
Guillen M., Nielsen JP., Ayuso M. i Pérez-Marín A.
2018, 29 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/11   “The transition towards semi-autonomoues vehicle insurance: the contribution ofusage-based data"
Guillen M., i Pérez-Marín A.
2018, 29 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/12   “Misinformation and Misperception in the market for parking"
Albalate D. i Gragera A. 
2018, 39 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/13   “What drives the spatial wage premium for formal and informal workers? The case of Ecuador"
Matano A., Obaco M. i Royuela V.
2018, 35 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/14   “Urbanization in Ecuador : An overview using the FUA definition"
Obaco M. i Díaz-Sánchez J.
2018, 18 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/15   “Do  public-private partnership enabling laws increase private investment in infrastructure?"
Albalate D., Bel G i Geddes R
2018, 29 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/16   “Does inter-municipal cooperation really reduce delivery costs? An empirical evaluation of the role of scale economies, transaction costs, and governance arragements"
Bel G. i  Sebo M.
2018, 33 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/17   “Do government formation deadlocks damage economic growth? Evidence from history's longest period of political deadlock"
Albalate D. i Bel G.
2018, 31 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/18   “Time connectedness of fear"
Andrada-Félix J., Fernandez-Perez A., Fernández-Rodríguez F. i Sosvilla-Rivero S.

2018, 42 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/19   “Has the economic crisis worsened the world-related stress and mental health of temporary workers in Spain?"
Bartoll X., Gil J. i Ramos R.
2018, 28 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/20  “Linguistic skills and the intergenerational transmission of language"
Caminal R., Cappellari L. i Di Paolo A.
2018, 58 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/21  “A new metric of consensus for Likert scales"
Claveria O.
2018, 11 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/22  “The Impact of Immigration on Native Employment: Evidence from Italy"
Fusaro S. i López-Bazo E.
2018, 42 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/23   “When politics and lobbyism combine to promote white elephants by using PPPs"
Albalate D., Bel G. i Gragera A.
2018, 25 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/24   “Is Private Production of Hospital Services Cheaper than Public Production? A Meta-Regression of Public vs Private Costs and Efficiency for Hospitals"
Bel G. i Esteve M.
2018, 42 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/25   “The benefits of PSM: an oasis or a mirage?"
Awan S., Bel G. i Esteve M.
2018, 53 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


2018/26   “Scaling Down Downside Risk with Inter-Quantile Semivariances"
Uribe J.
2018, 34 pag. 
ISSN 2014-1254


2018/27   “The Economic Cost of A Hurricane: A Case Study of Puerto Rico and Hurricane Georges 1998 Using Synthetic Control Method"
Albalate D. i Padró-Rosario G.
2018, 32 pag. 
ISSN 2014-1254


2018/28   “Major Reforms in Electricity Pricing: Evidence from a Quasiexperiment"
Labandeira X., Labeaga J. M. i Teixidó J. J.
2018, 38 pag. 
ISSN 2014-1254


2018/29   “Flexible maximum conditional likelihood estimation for single-index models to predict accident severity with telematics data"
Bolancé C., Cao R. i Guillen M.
2018, 46 pag. 
ISSN 2014-1254


2018/30   “Trust in times of economic crisis in Spain: Paradoxes for social capital theory"
Bolancé C., Caïs J. i Torrente D.
2018, 29 pag. 
ISSN 2014-1254