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2016/01   “Technological cooperation in Spanish firms”

       Badillo, E.R i Moreno, R.
       2016, 38 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/02   “Do anti-discrimination laws alleviate labor market duality? Quasi-experimental evidence from Korea”

       Choi, H.

       2016, 30 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/03   “Relatedness, external linkages and innovation”

       Miguélez, E.
i Moreno, R.

       2016, 32 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/04   “Income Inequality and Monetary Policy: An analysis on the Long Run Relation”

       Davtyan, K.

       2016, 37 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/05   “Exploration during turbulent times: an analysis of the effects of R&D cooperation on radical innovation performance during the economic crisis”

       Lorena M. D'Agostino
i Moreno, R.

       2016, 43 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/06   “The Distributive effects of conventional and unconventional monetary policies”

       Davtyan, K.

       2016, 45 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/07   “Innovation, heterogeneous firms, and the region”

       López-Bazo, E.
i Motellón, E.

       2016, 31 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/08   “Graduate migration in Spain: the impact of the great recession on a low mobility country”

       Ramos, R.
i Royuela, V.

       2016, 18 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/09   “Retaking a course in Economics: Innovative methodologies to simulate academic performance in large groups"

       Abio, G., 
Alcañiz, M.,  Gómez-Puig, M.,  Rubert, G., Serrano, M., Stoyanova, A. i Vilalta-Bufí, M.

       2016, 25 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/10   “Debt-growth linkages in EMU across countries and time horizons"

       Gómez-Puig, M i Sosvilla-Rivero, S.

       2016, 37 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/11   “A two-sided coin: Disentangling the economic effects of the ‘War on drugs’ in Mexico”

i Holst, M.

       2016, 43 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/12   “Climate Change Mitigation and the Role of Technologic Change: Impact on selected headline targets of Europe’s 2020 climate and energy package”

       Bel,G i Joseph, S.

       2016, 37 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/13   “Economic Impact of Cruise Activity: The Port of Barcelona”

       Vayá, E., García, J.R., Murillo, J., Romaní, J. i Suriñach, J.

       2016, 29 pag. ISSN 2014-1254

2016/14   “Breakthrough innovations: The impact of foreign acquisition of knowledge”

      Tojeiro-Rivero, D., Moreno R. i Badillo, E.

       2016, 35 pag. ISSN 2014-1254