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Airline Consolidation and the Distribution of Traffic between Primary and Secondary Hubs
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A detailed comparison of value at risk estimates

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A Robust Unsupervised Method for Fraud Rate Estimation

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Joint versus single management of large transport infrastructures

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El seguro pay-as-you-drive- PAYD

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La formació competencial dels llicenciats en economia i empresa: una visió des del seu entorn professional

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Feedback i opurtunitats de millora: una avaluació orientada a l'aprenentatge actiu

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Estimating Risk with Sarmanov Copula and Nonparametric Marginal Distributions

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Testing panel cointegration with unobservable dynamic common factors that are correlated with the regressors

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Generalizing some Usual Risk Measures in Financial and Insurance Applications

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Asignación óptima de capital en base al perfil de riesgo de las Instituciones de Inversión Colectiva: una aplicación de las medidas de riesgo distorsionadas

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Pay-as-you-drive insurance: the effect of the kilometers on the risk of accident

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External Budget Constraint: A multicointegration approach

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The spatial distribution of human capital. Can it really be explained by regional differences in market access?

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L'espérance de vie, la mortalité prématurée et les espérances de vie sans incapacité

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GLS-based unit root tests for bounded processes
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New trends in welfare analysis
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Exchanging uncertain mortality for a cost

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Influencia de la variable aleatoria implícita en la fórmula estándar en el cálculo del SCR del riesgo de suscripción no-vida

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Do not pay for a Danish interest guarantee. The law of the triple blow

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Examining the Demand for Ecosystem Services: The Value of Stream Restoration for Drinking Water Treatment Managers in the Llobregat River

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Pneumocystis jirovecii pneumonia in HIV-1-infected patients in the late-HAART era in developed countries

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