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The Impact of Credit Rating Announcements on Spanish Corporate Fixed Income Performance: Returns, Yields and Liquidity

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Speed Limit Laws in America: the role of geography, mobility and ideology

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High-Speed Rail: Lessons for Policy Makers from Experiences Abroad

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Motorways, tolls, and road safety: Evidence from Europe

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Governance and regulation of urban bus transportation: Using partial privatization to get the best of both worlds

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Institutional Determinants of military spending
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Beyond the efficiency-equity dilemma: centralization as a determinant of government investment in infrastructure
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The statistical accuracy of surveys on business and economic perspectives: A case study

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Nuevos factores exógenos en la modelización de la dependencia: la inversión en prevención de la dependencia en la población de edad avanzada

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Disability Caused byOccupational Accidents in the Spanish Long-Term Care System

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Frontiers in spatial econometrics modelling

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Social networking as an enabler of change in entrepreneurial Brazilian firms

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Influence of parties' behavioural features on motor compensation disputes in insurance markets

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Modelos internos en Solvencia II: Su aplicación al cálculo del coeficiente de caída de cartera

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Forecasting the maximum compensation offer in the automobile BI claims negotiation process

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Grandes infraestructuras terrestres: Parar y pensar

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A finite mixture of bivariate Poisson regression models with an application to insurance ratemaking

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A nonparametric approach to analysing operational risk with an application to insurance fraud

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iscounts and public services obligations in the airline market: Lessons from Spain

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Intertemporal movie distribution: Versioning when customers can buy both versions

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Risk in financial decisions and gender differences

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Long-run effects of unemployment on economic growth: The role of income inequality and urbanization

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Debt, interest rates, and integration of financial markets

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Language Knowledge and Earnings in Catalonia

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Parental Background and Educational Opportunities: Evidences across Cohorts for Italy and Spain

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Propuesta metodológica para la desagregación espacio-temporal de los indicadores de demografía empresarial

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Air services on thin routes: Regional versus low-cost airlines

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On the optimal distribution of traffic of network airlines

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Solvency Capital Estimation and Risk Measures

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Cómo (no) adaptar una asignatura al EEES: Lecciones desde la experiencia comparada en España

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Price and volatility dynamics between electricity and fuel costs: some evidence for Spain

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Do sectoral externalities affect firm productivity regardless of technology level? Evidence from Spain

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Random Forests for Uplift Modeling: An Insurance Customer Retention Case

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Sexless and beautiful data: from quantity to quality

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How much risk is mitigated by LTC protection schemes?  A methodological note and a case study of the public LTC system in Spain

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Time-varying effects in the analysis of customer loyalty: A case study in insurance

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Employing transaction aggregation strategy to detect credit card fraud

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Does rigidity on prices hide collusion?

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La colaboración en I+D en la industria auxiliar del automóvil en Cataluña. Análisis según el tamaño empresarial

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Human Capital and Regional Wage Gaps

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Human Capital Composition and Economic Growth at the Regional Level

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Boom-bust cycles and procyclical fiscal policy in a small open economy

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Diseño de aplicativos de 'autodiagnóstico sectoriales' como soporte del trabajo autónomo en el nuevo EEES
Marín, S.; Llorente, F.; Torra, S.; Rico, E.; Carrillo, M.

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Wage Distribution and the Spatial Sorting of Workers

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The probabilistic weighted average and its application in multi-person decision making

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Probabilities with OWA operators

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A method for decision making with the OWA operator

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Cardinal Bayesian allocation mechanisms without transfers

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Wage Differentials between Native and Immigrant Women in Spain: Accounting for Differences in the Supports
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Quantitative modeling of operational risk losses when combining internal and external data sources
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Deserción y graduación estudiantil universitaria: Una aplicación de los modelos de supervivencia

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Introduction to the special issue

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Regional Economic Growth and Human Capital: The Role of Over-education

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Las publicaciones de los investigadores mexicanos en el ISI: Realidad o mito del SIN

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Las evaluaciones internas del SNI: coherencias o coincidencias

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Regional Science trends through the analysis of the main facts of the 51st ERSA Conference

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Factors affecting hospital admission and recovery stay duration of in-patient motor victims in Spain

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Health care usage among immigrants and native-born elderly populations in eleven European countries: Results from SHARE

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Introduction: Intangible Assets and Regional Economic Growth

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Wage inequality and economic growth in Mexican Regions

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Selecting prospects for cross-selling financial products using multivariate credibility

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Volatility Transmission and Correlation Analysis: between the US and Asia: the Impact of the Global Financial Crisis

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