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Time-varying integration in european government bond markets

Abad, P.; Chuliá, H.; Gómez-Puig, M.

European Financial Management.

Cuando la economia no importa: Auge y esplendor de la alta velocidad en España

Albalate, D.; Bel, G.

Revista de Economía Aplicada, 55 (19),171-190.

High Speed Rail: Lessos for Policy Makers from experiences abroad

Albalate, D.; Bel, G.

Public Administration Review.

Shifting death to their alternatives: The case of Toll Motorways

Albalate, D.

Journal of Transport Economics and Policy 45(3), 453-479.

Fiscal Regime Shifts in Portugal

Afonso, A.; Claeys, P.; Sousa, R.

Portuguese Economic Journal, 10(2), 83-108.

Selection of standards for digital television: the battle for Latin America

Angulo, J.; Calzada, J.; Estruch, A.

Telecommunications Policy.

Measuring the adoption of innovation. A typology of EU countires based on the innovation survey

Autant-Bernard, C.; Chalaye, S.; Manca, F.; Moreno, R.; Suriñach, J.

Innovation-The European Journal Of Social Science Research.

Influence of parties' behavioural features on motor compensation disputes in insurance markets

Ayuso, M.; Bermúdez, L.; Santolino, M.

Journal of Risk Research, 15 (6), 673-691.

Forecasting de maximum compensation offer in the automobile BI claims negotiation process

Ayuso, M.; Santolino, M.

Group Decision and Negotiation.

Can complementary pensions plans take on the role of improving retirement pensions in the Dominican Republic?

Ayuso, M.; Valero, D.

International Social Security Review, 64 (2), 65-89.

Measuring persistence of U.S. city prices: new evidence from robust tests. Persistence and structural breaks

Basher, S. A.; Carrion, J. L.

Empirical Economics.
Infrastructure and nation building: The regulation and financing of network transportation infrastructures in Spain (1720-2010)

Bel, G.

Business History, 53(5), 688-705.

The first privatization: Selling SOEs and privatizing public monopolies in fascist
Italy (1922-1925)

Bel, G.

Cambridge Journal of Economics, 35(3), 937-956.

The first privatization policy in Latin America: Selling state-owned enterprises in 1948-1950 Puerto Rico

Bel, G.

Journal of Iberian and Latin American Economic History, 29(2),157-182.

Big Guys Eat Big Cakes: Firm Size and Contracting In Urban and Rural Areas

Bel, G. and Fageda, X.

International Public Management Journal, 14 (1), 4-26.

La reforma del modelo de gestión de aeropuertos en España: ¿Gestión conjunta o individual?

Bel, G. and Fageda, X.

Hacienda Pública Española/Revista de Economía Pública Número 196-(1/2011) 109-130.

Intercontinental flights from European airports: Towards hub concentration or not?

Bel, G. and Fageda, X.

International Journal Of Transport Economics.

Regime shifts in stock-flow I(2)-I(1) systems: the case of US fiscal sustainability.

Berenguer-Rico, V.; Carrion-i-Silvestre, J. L.

Journal of Applied Econometrics, 26,  298-321.

Bayesian multivariate Poisson models for insurance ratemaking

Bermúdez, L.; Karlis, D.

Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 48, 226-236.

A semi-nonparametric approach to model panel count data
Boucher, J.P. and Guillen, M.

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Correlated random effects for hurdle models applied to claim counts
Boucher, J.-P.; Denuit, M.; Guillén, M.

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Multivariate density estimation using dimension reducing information and tail flattening transformations
Buch-Kromann, T.; Guillén, M.; Linton, O.; Nielsen, J.P.

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Nuevas tendencias en las políticas de innovación

Callejón, M.; García-Quevedo, J.

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Telefonía móvil en España: regulación y resultados

Calzada, J.; Estruch, A.

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Panel Cointegration Rank Testing with Cross-Section Dependence

Carrion-i-Silvestre, J. L.; Surdeanu, L.

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Firm size and volatility analysis in the Spanish stock market

Chuliá, H.; Torró, H.

European Journal of Finance, 17, 8, 695-715.

A missing spatial link in institutional quality

Claeys, P.; Manca, F.

Applied Economics Letters, 18, 223-227.

Debt, interest rates and integration of financial markets

Claeys, P.; Moreno, R.; Suriñach, J.

Economic Modelling.

Análisis de las expectativas y el rendimiento del alumnado ante la implantación de un sistema de evaluación continua

Claveria, O.

RIDU: Revista d’Innovació Docent Universitària.

Where is the economics in spatial econometrics

Corrado, L.; Fingleton, B.

Journal of Regional Science.

Mass beach tourism and economic growth: lessons from Tunisia

Cortés, I.; Nowak, J.; Sahli, M.

Tourism Economics, 17 (3), 531-547.

Gender differences in health: results from SHARE, ELSA, and HRS

Crimmins, E.M.; Kim, J.K. and Solé-Auró, A.

European Journal of Public Health, 21, 1, 81-91. doi:10.1093/eurpub/ckq022.

La adaptación del sistema universitario español a las nuevas demandas sociales: desde los objetivos a las reformas

Díaz, A.; Pons, E.

RIDU: Revista d’Innovació Docent Universitària.

Research networks and scientific production in Economics: the recent Spanish experience

Duque, J.C.; Ramos, R.; Royuela, V.

Ecos de Economía.

Price rivalry in airline markets: A study of a successful strategy of a network carrier against a low-cost carrier

Fageda, X., Jiménez, J.L., and Perdiguero, J.

Journal of Transport Geography, Vol. 19, pp. 658-669.

The empirical performance of the NEG with reference to small areas

Fingleton, B.

Journal of Economic Geography, 11, 267-279.

Globalisation And Wage Differentials: A Spatial Analysis

Fingleton, B.; Baddeley, M.C.

Manchester School 79, 1018-1034.

Analysing the impact of public capital stock using the NEG wage equation: a spatial panel data approach

Fingleton, B.; Gómez-Antonio, M.

Journal of Regional Science.

La diversificación del riesgo en los mercados de deuda pública de la zona euro

Gómez-Puig, M.; Cuñado, J.

Cuadernos de Economía, 34, 1-8.

Multivariate density estimation using dimension reducing information and tail flattening transformations

Guillén, M., Linton, O., Nielsen, J.P. and Buch-Kromann, T.

Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 48,99-110

Modelling losses and locating the tail with the Pareto Positive Stable distribution

Guillén, M., Prieto, F. and Sarabia, J.M.

Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 49, 3, 454-461.

Performance measurement of pension strategies: A case study of Danish life cycle products

Guillén, M.; Nielsen, J.P.; Pérez-Marín, A.M.; Petersen, K.

Scandinavian Actuarial Journal.

A logistic regression approach to estimating customer profit loss due to lapses in insurance

Guillén, M.; Pérez-Marín, A.M.; Alcañiz, M.

Insurance Markets and Companies: Analyses and Actuarial Computations.

Does accessibility affect retail prices and competition? An empirical application

Jiménez, J.L.; Perdiguero, J.

Networks &  Spatial Economics.

Could transport costs be lower?: the use of a variance screen to evaluate competition in the petrol market in spain

Jiménez, J.L.; Perdiguero, J.

International Journal Of Transport Economics.

Colaboración en la I+D: con quién y por qué. El caso de los fabricantes de equipos y componentes en Cataluña

Llorente Galera, F.

Economía Industrial. Ministerio de Industria y Energía.

Profitability of investment in education. Evidence from Spanish regions

López-Bazo, E.; Moreno, R.

Regional Studies.

Technology catching-up and the role of Institutions

Manca, F.

Investigaciones Regionales, 20, 5-28.

Human Capital Composition and Economic Growth at the Regional Level

Manca, F.

Regional Studies.

The role of the EU Internal Market on the adoption of innovation

Manca F.; Moreno R. and Suriñach J.

European Planning Studies.   19 (6) 1091-1116.

General equilibrium long-run determinants for Spanish FDI: a spatial panel data approach

Martínez-Martín, J.

SERIEs: Volume 2, Issue 3(2011), Page 305-333.

Rent Sharing in Italy: Evidence from Employer-Employee Data

Matano, A.; Naticchioni, P.

European Journal of Comparative Economics, 8(2), 265-279.

Does social capital reinforce technological inputs in the creation of knowledge? Evidence from the Spanish regions

Miguélez, E.; Moreno, R. and  Artís, M.

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Growth and Innovation of Competitive Regions: The Role of Internal and External Connections

Miguélez, E.; Moreno, R.

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Research networks and inventors' mobility as drivers of innovation: Evidence from Europe

Miguélez, E.; Moreno, R.

Journal of Regional Science.

Características metodológicas de la ESCA 2006

Mompart, A.; Medina, A.; Guillén, M.; Alcañiz, M.; Brugulat, P.

Medicina Clínica, 137, (2), 3-8.

Does transport accessibility condition regional specialisation in manufacturing across Europe?

Mora, T.; Moreno, R.

Regional Studies.

Regional Heterogeneity In Wage Distributions: Evidence From Spain

Motellón, E.; López-Bazo, E.; El Attar, M.

Journal of Regional Science, Wiley Blackwell,  51 (3), 558-584, 08.

Sell or not sell biodiesel: Local competition and Government measures

Perdiguero, J., and Jiménez, J.L.

Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews, Vol. 15(3), pp. 1525-1532.

Commitment and Lapse Behavior in Long-Term Insurance: A Case Study

Pinquet, J.; Guillén, M.; Ayuso, M.

Journal of Risk and Insurance, 78 (4), 983-1002.

Have Low-Cost Carriers Influenced Tourism Demand and Supply? The Case of Alghero, Italy

Pulina, M.; Cortés, I.

Tourism Analysis, 15 (6), 617-635.

Modelling quality of life and population growth. The case of the Barcelona Metropolitan Area

Royuela, V.

Spatial Economic Analysis, 6(1),  83-109.

Extension on the diffusion/adoption of innovation in the Internal Market

Suriñach, J.; Manca, F.; Moreno, R.

European Economy.

The role of Intangible Assets in the regional economic growth

Suriñach, J.; Moreno, R.

Investigaciones Regionales, 20, 165-194.

The role of Intangible Assets in the regional economic growth

Suriñach, J.; Moreno, R.

Investigaciones Regionales, 20, 165-194.

Una propuesta de reforma del sistema de pensiones español basada en un modelo de contribución definida nocional

Valero, D.; Artís, M.; Ayuso, M.; García, J.

Revista de Métodos Cuantitativos para la Economía y la Empresa, 11, 91-113.