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      2011/01    “If you want me to stay, pay”
                  Claeys, P ; Martire, F
                  2011, 37 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


        Karahasan, B.C. and López-Bazo, E
        2011, 38 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


       Ortega-Argilés, R.; Piva, M.; and Vivarelli, M
       2011, 45 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


       Nieto, S ; Ramos, R   
       2011, 28 pag. ISSN 2014-1254


       Miguélez,E. ;Gómez-Miguélez, I.
         2011,40pag. ISSN 2014-1254
                 Murillo, J; Vayá, E; Romaní, J. and Suriñach, J.
                      2011, 33pag. ISSN 2014-1254
                 Karahasan, B.C. and Kerimoglu E.
                      2011, 40pag. ISSN 2014-1254
  2011/08    “Influence of the claimant’s behavioural features on motor compensation outcomes”
      Ayuso, M; Bermúdez L. and Santolino, M.
        2011, 37pag. ISSN 2014-1254
      Jiménez, J.L; Perdiguero, J. and Suárez, A.
        2011, 23pag. ISSN 2014-1254
                Albalate, D. and Bel, G.
                2011, 26pag. ISSN 2014-1254
               Bel, G.; Fageda, X. and Mur, M.
                2011, 31pag. ISSN 2014-1254
               Artis, M. J.; Miguélez, E. and Moreno, R.
                2011, 40pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/13    “A correlation sensitivity analysis of non-life underwriting risk in solvency capital requirement estimation”
               Bermúdez, L.; Ferri, A.; Guillén, M.
                2011, 28pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/14    “Agglomeration, Inequality and Economic Growth”
               Castells, D.; Royuela, D.
                2011, 40pag. ISSN 2014-1254

   “The influence of decision-maker effort and case complexity on appealed rulings subject to multi-categorical selection”
               Santolino, M and Söderberg, M.
                2011, 31pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/16   “Causality and contagion in peripheral EMU public debt markets: a dynamic approach”
               Gómez-Puig, M. and Sosvilla-Rivero, S.
                2011, 55pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/17   “The "farthest" need the best. Human capital composition and development-specific economic growth”
               Manca, F.
               2011, 63pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/18   “Why do municipalities cooperate to provide local public services? An empirical analysis”
               Bel, G.; Fageda, X. and Mur, M.
               2011, 29pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/19   “Factors affecting hospital admission and recovery stay duration of in-patient motor victims in Spain”
               Santolino, M.; Bolancé, C. and Alcañiz, M.
               2011, 27pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/20   “Does Rigidity of Prices Hide Collusion?”
               Jiménez, J.L. and Perdiguero, J.
               2011, 40pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/21   “A relational approach to the geography of innovation: a typology of regions”
               Moreno, R. and Miguélez, E.
               2011, 45pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/22   “Measuring early childhood health: a composite index comparing Colombian departments”
               Osorio, A.M.; Bolancé, C. and Alcañiz, M.
               2011, 38pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/23   “Air services on thin routes: Regional versus low-cost airlines”
               Fageda, X. and Flores-Fillol, R.
               2011, 45pag. ISSN 2014-1254

  “Vertical relations and local competition: an empirical approach”
               Perdiguero, J.
               2011, 35pag. ISSN 2014-1254
2011/25   “The regional distribution of unemployment. What do micro-data tell us?”
               López-Bazo, E. and Motellón, E.
               2011, 44pag. ISSN 2014-1254
  “Productivity and innovation spillovers: Micro evidence from Spain”
               Goya, E.; Vayá, E. and Suriñach, J.
               2011, 39pag. ISSN 2014-1254